Fresh and clean surrounding will lead to a healthy working environment which is the basis for an efficiently functioning working environment. This also contributes greatly for the well-being of the employees and increases employee productivity as most people enjoy and appreciate clean and fresh surroundings.

All our solutions are customized keeping mind every individual customer’s needs and wishes. We keep introducing new methods, tools and materials, which enhance our cleaning services and also improve our working conditions of the employees while minimizing any kind of negative effect on the environment.

We pay great deal of attention over recruiting skilled employees and keep them constantly motivated by employee development and people management skills as our employees are the main source of our success. It’s the employee’s attitude, their service-level and efforts that make us adhere to our standards and meet every customer expectation. Thus we hire well qualified employees by providing them the required quality working conditions so that they in turn deliver quality service to our customers.

Our sole aim is to cater to the needs of every customer requirements at an individual level by providing them customized cleaning solution where scope, level and the combination of services are carefully adjusted to each customer. We keep a tough control over our service quality to be capable of living up to the expectation.

Abscissa offers the following types of services with:
  • Latest technology
  • Constant upgradation
  • Well trained, well groomed & pleasant staff
  • Packages tailor made to suit individual client requirements
Daily Office Cleaning
  • Permanently employed full-time staff
  • Employees trained in cleaning methods, physiology and service
  • Stable daily office cleaning with back-up security
Visible Cleaning
  • Daytime cleaning without disturbing customer employees
  • Increased dialogue with end-users
  • Improved quality and customer satisfaction
Periodical Cleaning
  • Thorough cleaning
  • Craftsman cleaning
  • Curtain, carpet and upholstery cleaning
Office Cleaning
  • Telephone and computer equipment cleaning and disinfection
  • Special cleaning of server- and printer-rooms
  • Cleaning of copying machines and other hardware
Window Cleaning
  • Window polishing
  • Inspection and damage detection
  • Window maintenance
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  • Entrance mats and carpets
  • Mat service and cleaning
  • Customized mats
Washroom Services
  • Dispensers and washroom articles
  • Supply, installation, maintenance and service of washroom environments
Specialized cleaning solutions for
  • Hospitals
  • Clean rooms
  • Food processing plants
  • The automotive industry Etc.